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Top 3 Scenarios When A Police Report Is A Must

When a victim is involved in an auto accident, sometimes the victim is quick to exchange information without waiting for the police to arrive. This may be due to various reasons ranging from being in a hurry to 'not feeling too injured'. This mostly occurs during minor or low impact accidents.

However, the average person may not be aware of the existence of certain reporting requirements when involved in an automobile accident as follows:

(a) Maryland Code (Transportation) 20-107 requires that people in a car accident filing an accident report with the Motor Vehicle Administration for accidents that result in bodily injury or death. Both drivers have 15 days to file. This also applies if an ambulance is required on the scene to transport an injured party to the hospital.

(b) When any of the cars involved in the accident is not moveable and/ or a tow truck is required, the police must be notified.

(c) When a person has been victimized by a 'hit and run' driver, the police must be notified.

Additionally, a victim to an accident may need to call the police where there are injuries or potential injuries; one of the drivers lacks a valid license; drugs or alcohol may be a factor; the other driver refuses to provide information and/or the other driver leaves the scene especially if there is a disagreement regarding the cause of the accident. Regardless of the situation, make sure you timely inform your insurance company given the longer you wait, the more complicated and difficult it may become to assert a personal injury claim.

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