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A Word Is Enough For The Wise: Happy Thanksgiving!

Ok so this article is a tad longer than ‘a word’. Thanksgiving is one of my most favorite holidays because I get to spend time with family and friends while giving thanks to God for all His blessings in our lives. As much as we pray for a safe thanksgiving, unfortunately, mistakes and accidents do happen for one reason or another.

Regardless of the situation, if the accident is not your fault, always remember rule number one: speak to the insurance adjuster from your insurance company but hold off on speaking to the adjuster from the at-fault insurance company until you speak with an attorney. There really is no excuse not to have a seasoned personal injury attorney evaluate the specifics of your case and determine whether it’s worth accepting. On several occasions, I have declined to accept auto accident cases for one reason or another. For instance, if I feel the potential special damages will be fairly low, I will provide you free advice on how to represent yourself.

The point being, there is not excuse for an injured claimant not to contact us given personal injury fees are earned on a contingent fee basis: no recovery, no fee. If you, your relative or friend have a question, contact us at your convenience for a free consult at (240)676-4827. Have a safe and blessed thanksgiving weekend! #staysafe #happythanksgiving #personalinjurylaw #autoaccidentlaw #stayblessed



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