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#1 Mistake To Avoid in Auto Accidents

In some situations where a fairly low impact accident leads to minor soft tissue injuries, accident victims may choose to settle their claims without the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney. In fairness, some situations may not require the victim to engage an attorney for instance where the medical bills are low and the extent of treatment limited to a handful of doctors visits.

Notwithstanding, considering that the amount of expenses incurred are relative to each individual's perception of what is 'low' and the value of actual injuries sustained, it is usually not prudent to negotiate with an insurance adjuster - who is backed by billions of dollars of resources - without initially availing oneself to free personal injury consultation. The risk reward consideration favors the prospective client in personal injury scenarios given they always receive free legal advice regardless of what decision they choose to make. For instance, one of the most important pitfalls avoid in auto accident situations is handling insurance subrogation matters. It is common for an accident victim to tender their health insurance for treatment of auto accident injuries and later wonder why their health insurance is sending them a bill for reimbursement of treatment costs. This topic was discussed in a previous article and this is one of many areas where an accident victim can benefit from legal advice and potentially save thousands of dollars.

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